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Silesia O-Cup is an unique opportunity to get to know the very interesting area of Upper Silesia. Most of you associate it with mines, steel works and ubiquitous coal. If you want to find out how Upper Silesia really looks like, come to our competition.

Stage I - Sucha Góra Stone Labyrinth

For starters, we invite you to Bytom. Here you will find an inconspicuous forest that hides inside a 19 th c. dolomite and limonite quarry. The main feature of this place is its relief, with ravines, hills, pits, valleys and ridges. There is even a sizeable lake in the middle. The forest has good and average runnability, with a few denser areas. Moderate network of roads.
This will be the short forest stage.

Scale 1:6 000
Author: Jacek Kozłowski
Area coordinates: 50.405568, 18.875329

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Stage 2 - Spodek

Saturday start off with an urban race in the very heart of Katowice. Who wouldn’t like to run around Spodek? The course will take you through the Congress Centre, the University of Silesia, the building of the Polish National Radio Symphonic Orchestra and of course the Spodek Arena.
This is a typical urban terrain. This is stage will be the middle distance urban race.

Scale 1:4 000
Author: Piotr Pietroń
Area coordinates: 50.264799, 19.038535

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Stage 3 - Silesia Park

Next stage will take place on Saturday afternoon in Silesia Park. Everyone knows the Silesian Planetarium, Silesian Stadium and the Silesian Zoological Garden. The Park offers many more attractions that you will be able to see during the race. The terrain is mixture of park and forest, with pits, hillocks, ditches and small lakes. The runnability is from very good to average. Dense network of roads and paths.
This will be the middle distance park-forest stage.

Scale 1:6 000
Author: Jacek Kozłowski
Area coordinates: 50.296645, 18.981991

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Stage 4 - Dolomites

The last stage will take place in a very interesting and diverse forest on the outskirts of Bytom. This is a place of many faces. Here you can find a beech forest with numerous pits, areas with many lakes and marshes with poor runnability, partly overgrown old quarry and overgrown fields. The competition centre will be located on football pitch in Repty (part of Tarnowskie Góry). The area has a moderate network of roads.
This stage will be the long distance forest race.

Scale 1:10 000 and 1:7 500
Authors: Wojciech Dwojak and Jacek Morawski
Area coordinates: 50.411054, 18.832720

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