Welcome to the Silesia O-Cup!

We invite everybody to the amazing event that is Silesia O-Cup, which will be also the 17th edition of what is known as Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 28th-30th June 2019, in the heart of Upper Silesia: in Katowice, Chorzów and Bytom.

In the December 2018 issue of Bieg na Orientacje magazine you can find a poster of our competition. If you haven't seen it yet - take a look at page 48.

We have first contestant entering the Silesia O-Cup. We welcome them and invite you to join as well.

The area of Stage 2 was the venue for the recent COP24 UN Climate Change Conference. Please head over to our Facebook to see the area as it looked a few days ago.
Make sure to like our Facebook page as we will be posting there many information about the competition.

The entry form is now available in the Entries tab.

Welcome to the official website of Silesia O-Cup.
Many of you got here looking for information about Limanowa Cup. This is no mistake. Next year, the competition known as Limanowa Cup will take place in the heart of Upper Silesia.

Probably not many people had the chance to try orienteering in this area, so now you can make up for it. We are preparing 4 stages that will take place across 3 days. There will be two forest stages, one park-forest stage and one urban stage.
Each stage will be a different kind of challenge and will take you to a new and interesting place.

Please take a look at bulletin 0 in the Bulletins tab. Under Terrain and maps and How to get here you will find details regarding each stage and its location.

Once again, please feel invited!